Amy has always loved passing her love of lettering to others and runs workshops throughout the calendar year to inspire, to teach and to unlock the creativity within each attendee at her workshop so that they know that they know that they know that they ARE and CAN be creative!

Here are the workshops that Art by Ames has developed:

  • Brush Lettering Workshops – Private (bridal showers, crafternoons – min 4 persons)
  • Brush Lettering Workshops – Public (open to public)
  • Brush Lettering – DIY Bride Edition
  • Foiling & Faux Calligraphy Workshops (intensive masterclass on foil prints and how to create the brush calligraphy look with any pen)

The current workshops available for booking are below:

If you cannot make the available workshops or are interested in workshops mentioned above that are run by Art by Ames in the future, please contact Amy at art.by.amesmelb@gmail.com.


It’s easy to lose motivation in a creative project if you don’t have people around you who will support you and cheer you on. That’s why Amy created the “Unlock Your Creativity” Facebook Group.

This is a place where you can share your creative projects and get feedback and get inspiration by how others are exercising their creativity. If you want to cultivate more creativity in your life, request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1940332159391369/


Amy: I’ve had some amazing conversations with fellow creatives even before officially launching Art by Ames so rather than keep these juicy gold nuggets of wisdom that I’ve gained from these creative geniuses, I thought it would be great to let you in on the conversations on my soon to be launched podcast: 

‘Unlock Your Creativity’ with Art by Ames.

On the podcast, I’ll be interviewing creative entrepreneurs asking them three key questions:

  • DREAM: What sparked your creative project?
  • CREATE: What was the creative process after your dream was birthed?
  • FLOURISH: How did you grow it and what are your tips to flourishing as a creative entrepreneur?

I’ll also be sharing the lessons I’ve learnt as an early stage creative entrepreneur and help you to unlock your creativity in your job, business, passion project and life.

To find out details of the podcast launch date and the behind the scenes in the lead up to the launch, subscribe to our mailing list and/or follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/art.by.ames