About Art by Ames

Amy Nhan is the owner and artist behind Art by Ames, a creative business based in Melbourne, Victoria (AUS) dedicated to making milestone moment memorable and magical through modern calligraphy. Amy loves using chalk, watercolour, brush lettering, nib and ink and any other medium to brings words to life on the customer’s chosen canvas.

Though currently considered a ‘small’ business, Art by Ames is set to make a BIG impact in 2019 by partnering with Generation 414, an ethical retail outlet that provides support to survivors of human trafficking. Through this strategic partnership, Art by Ames has the opportunity to brings beauty, hope and joy not only to its local clients but to women and children rescued from modern-day slavery. 10% of all the income generated through Art by Ames projects are donated towards the global impact of Generation 414.

When you work with Art by Ames, you will not only have a wonderful customer experience and achieve your #instagoals, you are aligning yourself with a cause for good.

About the Artist

Hi, creative souls!

My modern calligraphy journey began when I was searching for a creative outlet whilst working in my corporate role as a lawyer. I fell in love with lettering and found the slow and intentional forming of beautiful letters therapeutic and good for my soul. In 2017, I was preparing for my own wedding and did all the lettering for my special day. I then started creating lettering pieces for my friends and family for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and home decor. In August 2018, I decided to turn her hobby into a side business – thus, Art by Ames was official born.

Whilst I still remain a lawyer during “business hours”, I am a creative always and make time to personalise cards, prints, journals, home décor and wedding, bridal shower and baby shower signs.

On certain weekends of the year, you’ll also find me either running a lettering workshop or selling my handlettered products at markets. If you are interested in attending a workshop, visiting or collaborating with me at our next event, please email: art.by.amesmelb@gmail.com or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter.

I believe that words have the power to lift a person’s spirit and I’m so glad I can use my artwork to make the world a brighter and better place.

Bringing hope and joy,