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about the artist

Amy is a Georgia-born artist who never met a color she didn’t like. Her adoration for the art practice materialized from gesture, a guiding principle that helped her sculpt an environment that externalizes as a direct reflection of the body’s movement from which it is born. The more merciful the hand, the more moving the mark.

Paying homage to abstract expressionists such as Helen Frankenthaler and poetic field painters such as Etel Adnan, Amy utilizes playful and uninhibited color relationships to create an imagined world to inhabit within the walls of her canvas. Her lyrical mark-making is often paired against imprints of ubiquitous forms, placing the viewer just on the edge of recognition and personal interpretation. Her art serves as a hand of extension, to herself and to others. She hopes to never take it too seriously. 



Les Quarterly. Group Exhibition. Archambault Interiors, Madison, Georgia. May 2023.

Small Changes Art Exhibition. Presented by Decatur Art Alliance. Decatur Library, Decatur, Georgia. Summer 2023.

Quarter Life Crisis. Group Exhibition. Atlanta, Georgia. November 2022.

Carnival of Sorts: Life on Mars. Group Exhibition. Southern Brewing Co., Athens, Georgia. April 2022.

Art Party Extravaganza. Group Exhibition. Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, Georgia. April 2022.

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